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Acne is a common inflammatory skin disorder, and the majority of people with mild Acne will receive effective treatment from their GP. However, Acne is a complex skin condition which can be resistant to treatment. It can cause severe pyschological distress, and can also result in permanent scarring if treatment is delayed or inadequate.  

A private consultation with a Consultant Dermatologist is useful to explore and discuss the full range of products that can be used in the treatment of Acne. The more common treatments include Topical Therapies, Hormonal Treatments and Oral Antibiotics. Most people with Acne will respond to one or more of these treatments, but it is often a case of finding which combination of treatments works best for each person. A private consultation with a Dermatologist means that there is time to discuss all the possible treatment options, to decide which is best for that person, taking into consideration their different lifestyles. However, it is important to remember that Acne is a chronic, ongoing inflammatory skin condition and that there is no "quick fix". It can take several months and several consultations before Acne finally settles down.


As Specialists in skin disease, Dermatologists are also able to prescribe Isotretinoin and Spironolactone. These specialist treatments are used for the treatment of more severe forms of Acne that have not responded to standard therapies, such as Nodulocystic Acne, or for the treatment of Hormonal Acne - a type of Acne which affects females in their 20s and upwards with spots and cysts mainly around the chin and jaw-line. These treatments are considered "second-line" therapies as they require closer monitoring for side-effects and can only be prescribed by experienced Skin Specialists.

Dr Anne Ward has more than 30 years' experience in treating people with Acne, and is able to offer individualised treatment plans to help settle Acne as quickly as possible. She is an expert in the management of Hormonal Acne, Adult Female Acne, severe Nodulocystic Acne and milder forms of Acne that are resistant to standard treatment. A Consultation will help decide if the problem is Acne, or if it could be a similar looking skin condition such as Rosacea, Peri-Oral Dermatitis, Folliculitis, Fungal Acne or Maskne which need different forms of treatments. 

Treatments available for Acne at Stafford Skincare - Lichfield include:

  • Topical therapies including topical Retinoid creams

  • Oral Antibiotics

  • Hormonal Treatments

  • Isotretinoin

  • Spironolactone

  • Hyfrecation of Comedones

  • Dermaplaning

  • LED Red Light Therapy

  • Corticosteroid (Cortisone) Injections for inflammed Acne Cysts, to reduce the size

  • Treatments for Acne Scarring