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Cryotherapy | Seborrhoeic Warts | Skin Pigmentation | Brown Patches on Face |

Cryotherapy, or Freezing, is used to treat a variety of skin conditions such as Seborhoeic Warts, Viral Warts, Actinic Keratosis and tiny Skin Tags. It is quick and simple, taking less than 30 seconds for each benign skin lesion. It stings during the treatment, and afterwards, the skin lesion may become a bit crusty for several days before dropping off. Thicker lesions may need to have repeated treatments with Cryotherapy before they drop off or reduce in size.

The most commonly treated skin lesion at Stafford Skincare - Lichfield is a Seborrhoeic Wart. Seborrhoeic Warts usually present as crusty, often itchy, brown lesions on the back, abdomen or face. However, Seborrhoeic Warts are often flat and pale brown in colour on the cheeks, temple area and the back of the hands. As they get more obvious, it becomes more difficult to cover the brown patches of skin with make-up. Cryotherapy can be used very effectively to reduce the brown colour, making them less obvious. 


The cost of Cryotherapy depends on the number of skin lesions treated and starts from £175 per treatment session. Treatments may need to be repeated, depending on the skin lesion, and the desired effect.