Pigmentation / Melasma

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Many people suffer from skin pigmentation. Melasma is more common in females but also occurs in men. Melasma may be worsened by pregnancy or hormonal contraception, although often no underlying cause is identified. People often say that their skin looks dirty and they feel that they need to wear thick make-up to disguise the appearance, even in summer. People often spend a lot of money buying products "over the counter" before they decide to arrange an appointment with a Dermatologist.


Consultant Dermatologists are trained to the highest level of expertise in diagnosing and managing all types of skin conditions. This includes the recommendation and use of evidence-based treatments for Melasma. Dermatologists are able to prescribe specialist treatments such as Retinoid creams or Hydroquinone cream, which cannot be bought "over the counter". Dr Anne Ward is also trained in Obagi Medical, whose therapeutic range includes products for skin pigmentation, as well as products for skin ageing and acne. An exciting development for the treatment of Melasma is the use of Tranexamic acid, an oral medication available on prescription by a Dermatologist. Whatever treatment is used, always wear a good tinted physical sunblock to prevent the pigmentation recurring.

The 30 minute Consultation covers the possible causes and investigations for skin pigmentation, along with treatment recommendations.