Price List

Stafford Skincare - Lichfield 


 Cosmetic Dermatology

The Fees for the most common Cosmetic Treatments are listed below. The Fees includes the cost of a same-day consultation with Dr Anne Ward.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

1 area                                   £175
2 areas                                 £250
3 areas                                 £300
Dimpled Chin/Sad Lines    £175
Eyebrow Raise                    £300
Neck Bands                         £175

Hyperhidrosis - Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Underarms                          £450
Forehead                             £250
Scalp                                    £450

Dermal Fillers 

One Syringe - 1ml             £300 - £350
Additional Syringes           £250 - £300
Small areas/Touch-ups    £200 - £250


First Treatment                   £300
Second Treatment              £250

The Dermaroller

Face                                      £225
Decolletage                          £225
Face & Decolletage             £300

LED Red Light Therapy

Per Session                           £40
Course of 6 sessions          £200

Consultation only, No Cosmetic Treatment

Some people prefer to book a consultation only, to discuss their concerns and to learn about their options before deciding to have a Cosmetic Treatment at a later date. The fee for a cosmetic consultation without treatment is £175.

 Surgical Dermatology

Initial Consultation pre-surgery / Skin Check (required before any surgery)  -  £175

Mole Removal (< 6mm) 

It is recommended that moles are sent for examination - histology
One Mole                             £250
Additional Mole                  £190
includes histology

Shave Removal of a Skin Lesion (< 6mm)

It is recommended that skin lesions are sent for examination - histology
One Skin Lesion                  £250
includes histology

Skin Tag Removal - Hyfrecation (<3-4mm)

Per Small Skin Tag               £50
histology not included

Skin Tag Removal - Shave Removal (>4-5mm)

One Larger Skin Tag           £175
histology not included

Hyfrecation of Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia / Milia

Per Session                          £175

Scalp Cyst Removal (<15mm)

It is recommended that Scalp Cysts are sent for examination - histology
One Scalp Cyst                    £300
Additional Cyst                    £200
includes histology

Cryotherapy / Freezing

The Fee for Cryotherapy includes the cost of a same-day consultation.
Per Session                         £175

 Acne & Acne Scarring

Initial Acne Consultation (required before any procedure)  -  £175

Hyfrecation of Comedones / Milia

Per Session                          £175

Subcision with Nokor Needle or Cannula

Per Small Area < 3x3 cm    £250

Corticosteroid Injection 

Per Acne Cyst                      £100
Per Keloid Scar                   £150

Cosmetic Treatments

Prices as above, plus Acne Consultation Fee of £175

 Medical Dermatology

Consultation with Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anne Ward.
New               £175
Follow-up     £125  
The Prices listed above only apply to procedures undertaken at Stafford Skincare - Lichfield