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Rosacea showing reduction in facial redness after applying topical Brimonidine

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disease. It is more common in females but also develops in men. Typically there is redness across the cheeks and nose, which may flush with changes in temperature, eating spicy food or drinking alcohol. Sometimes Rosacea may only present with redness on the chin, or the forehead.


Some people develop tender red spots and yellow heads on the areas of redness. Other features included dry gritty eyes and swellings of the skin. Rosacea often co-exists with Seborrhoeic Eczema - a type of facial eczema presenting with redness and scaling at the sides of the nose. In this situation, treating both conditions is often necessary before any improvement is seen in the skin.


Milder cases of Rosacea can be managed with moisturisers and avoidance of trigger factors. Tinted sunscreens, preferably the physical type to block both UV light and daylight, are useful to reduce the inflammation. Try mineral based make-up, and only use gentle products to cleanse the skin. For more severe cases, specialist treatments include prescription-only topical creams such as Metronidazole gel or cream, and Soolantra / Ivermectin Cream. Oral medications may be necessary for more resistant cases of Rosacea, such as oral antibiotics, or even Isotretinoin. These treatments help to reduce the red spots and yellow heads, and usually also reduce the background redness.


When facial redness persists, alternative treatments may be tried - such as Mirvaso / Brimonidine gel, Laser Therapy for areas of fixed redness, and oral medications used to treat flushing and vasomotor symptoms. There is growing evidence that Micro Botox can help reduce the facial redness in some people by targeting the small capillaries in the skin. It is also reported to reduce pore size.

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