Skin Tag Removal

£175 Consultation  I  £50 per Skin Tag removal

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Skin Tags are small pedunculated skin growths that usually develop in areas where there is skin friction, such as at body creases, the neck, under a collar, bra strap or belt. They are more common in older people or if you are overweight.


Although they are harmless, they can be irritating as they may rub and catch on clothes. When they get caught, they may become inflamed, red and sore.


Small Skin Tags, measuring less than 3-4 mm in size, are easy to remove by Hyfrecation (cautery). First, the area is cleaned with an antiseptic solution and the area is injected with a local anaesthetic to make the Skin Tag and the surrounding skin numb. The Skin Tag is then simply burnt off. It usually takes around 5 days for the area to heal. For most people, Skin Tag removal leaves a tiny scar that is skin-coloured and hardly noticeable.

Larger Skin Tags (greater than 4-5 mm in size, or with a wide base) are more difficult to remove by simple cautery. This is because removing a larger Skin Tag by cautery will leave a larger raw area – which will take longer to heal, is more uncomfortable, and may leave a more noticeable scar. For larger Skin Tags, it is better to remove the Skin Tag by Shave Removal. This is where a skin lesion is sliced off level to the skin and bleeding points stopped by cautery. If the Skin Tag is on a very wide base, it may also be necessary to close over the raw area with a couple of self-dissolving small stitches, to speed up the healing process.


A Consultation is necessary prior to any skin surgery. This includes a discussion of the pros and cons of Skin Tag removal before signing Consent Forms for the procedure.


The total cost to remove one small Skin Tag (less than 3-4 mm in size) by Hyfrecation is £225, adding on £50 for each additional small Skin Tag removed (no histology).


The total cost to remove a larger Skin Tag (greater than 4-5 mm in size) by Shave Removal is £350 (no histology).