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Patient Experience Survey


Stafford Skincare - Lichfield

Dr. Anne Ward

Consultant Dermatologist

Thank you for completing this short survey following your recent attendance with Dr Anne Ward.  For each of the questions, please tick the box that most closely reflects your experience.  Please answer all 6 questions then click on the submit button.  All responses are anonymous.  The Survey goes directly to WIX, who then sends a copy of the responses to the Clinic.  Click here to see how the Survey Results are sent to the Clinic.

Q1. For people attending the Lichfield Clinic - If you completed the Contact Form and / or Registration Form on the website - how easy was this to do?
Q2. During your Consultation - how safe did you feel as regards Covid?
Q3. Were you given the opportunity to discuss your skin problem and treatment options?
Q4. Did you feel that your views were listened to?
Q5. Were you treated with Privacy and Dignity during the Consultation?
Q6. Would you recommend this Clinic to your Friends or Family?

Thank you for submitting the Survey

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