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Cryotherapy (Freezing) appointments are available at the Lichfield Clinic and at a local private hospital.  People are welcome to self-refer to the Clinic.

The cost of a Consultation with Dr Anne Ward is £195.  The Consultation Fee of £195 includes an examination of the Skin Lesion(s) to make a diagnosis, and to determine if it would be suitable for treatment with Cryotherapy.  The Consultation Fee of £195 includes Cryotherapy treatment for up to 10 Skin Lesions.  This Fee applies to all visits / treatment sessions.  


In general, the Cryotherapy equipment is able to treat about 10 Skin Lesions per session. The number that can be treated depends on the size and thickness of the Skin Lesions - bigger and thicker Skin Lesions need more Cryotherapy, so the Cryotherapy is used up more quickly. 

Seborrhoeic warts, viral warts, small skin tags, flat pigmented patches on the face, and actinic (solar) keratosis usually respond to cryotherapy. Moles do not usually respond to cryotherapy. If the Skin Lesion is unsuitable for Cryotherapy, the Consultation will confirm the diagnosis and includes a discussion of the alternative treatment options.  In this situation, there will still be a Consultation Fee of £195.  

Cryotherapy Fees

£195: Consultation only

£195: Consultation plus Cryotherapy for 1-10 Skin Lesions

Please click here to see the benefits and side effects of Cryotherapy treatment.

Booking an Appointment

To book an appointment - please click on the Contact Form button at the bottom of the page.  This will take you to the Contact Form, where you will be asked to give a description of the skin problem.  Please provide as much detail as possible, as this will help to decide if your Skin Lesion is suitable for treatment with Cryotherapy.  If you are not sure what your skin lesion is, or whether it would respond to Cryotherapy, please ask to book a face-to-face appointment to confirm the diagnosis.  Unfortunately we are unable to accept photographs.

Once submitted, the Contact Form is sent via secure encrypted email to the Clinic.  Within a few minutes of submitting the Contact Form, you should receive an automatic notification by email to let you know that the Contact Form has been delivered.  


Within 2 working days of receiving the automatic notification, you should receive a second email. The second email is the actual response from the Clinic, and will give you the details of available appointments. Please check your Junk Box if you don't receive this email. 

Form 2 is the Registration Form. This form asks for additional personal details, and information about your GP.  You will be asked to submit the Registration Form at the time of confirming your appointment.

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