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dermal fillers

Dermal Fillers are most commonly used to plump out lines and to restore lost volume in the face and lips.  Specialist techniques will rejuvenate the neck, décolletage and the back of the hands. When used in a subtle manner, Dermal Fillers will turn back the clock by several years - but not alter someone's appearance. Stafford Skincare - Lichfield uses non-animal Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers that replicate the normal substances found in skin, giving a soft and natural looking result.  Only high quality, leading brands of Dermal Fillers, sourced from reputable UK Pharmaceutical Companies, are used at Stafford Skincare, giving reliable, safe & long-lasting results whilst reducing potential side effects & complications.  Our Dermal Filler brands include the Juvederm Ultra and Vycross range from Allergan, the Belotero range from Merz, and the Teosyal range from Teoxane.  To be safe, and to ensure that your Practitioner is suitably qualified to provide cosmetic treatments - check that your Practitioner is registered with the CCQ, JCCP or Save Face.  


Dermal Fillers can be used in different ways. For some people, targeting & eradicating individual lines on the face will immediately rejuvenate the skin.  For others, a combined approach of restoring volume to the face with "scaffolding" of weak areas will produce the best appearance. Everyone is different! Stafford Skincare - Lichfield provides a personal treatment plan which may include targeting individual lines, along with volume restoration, to produce the best outcome for each individual.  Treatments are usually spread out over several months to ensure discreet and subtle improvements.

Procedure times at Stafford Skincare may take longer as an anaesthetic cream is always applied prior to treatment, to ensure that everything is painless.  Both needles and cannulas may be used, depending on the area treated and preference.  Although the results of a Dermal Filler are seen immediately, the appearance continues to improve over 3 - 6 weeks.  The high quality of the Dermal Fillers used means that the effects are long-lasting, with the results visible for up to 12 - 18 months depending on the area treated, the individual and their lifestyle.

Aftercare advice includes avoiding makeup, excessive alcohol and strenuous exercise for 24 hours, and restricting sun-exposure for several weeks to reduce the risk of hyper-pigmentation.  Possible side effects include occasional bruises and small lumps or swellings that settle within days.  Rare side effects include allergic reactions to the Dermal Fillers, inflammatory nodules, infections or vascular occlusion.


A personalised treatment plan will be discussed with you at the first visit.  The number of treatments necessary / syringes will depend on your skin and desired outcome.  At Stafford Skincare we start slowly, with a small number of syringes per treatment session.  It is much easier to "add" than to "take away"!  

The usual exclusions apply - Cosmetic treatments are only available to people aged 18 years and older, Dermal Fillers should be avoided if pregnant or breast feeding, and in people who are immune suppressed though illness or medication.  

Stafford Skincare has strict Covid-secure clinical practices in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. It is recommended that Dermal Filler treatments are avoided in the 2 weeks before, and for 3 weeks after, a Covid-19 vaccination to reduce the risk of inflammatory reactions.

Please click here to see the Cosmetic Treatment Price List.

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