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Dermatology Consultations
Dr Anne Ward, Consultant Dermatologist

Dermatology Consultations for all skin, hair and nail problems are held at a local Private Hospital where there is access to Blood Tests, Patch Tests, Cryotherapy, Skin Biopsies and Skin Surgery. People are welcome to self-refer to the Dermatology Clinic, or they can ask their GP for a referral letter.  There is an option to Self-Pay, or you may wish come through your Health Insurance.


If you are using your Health Insurance - please check if you need a GP referral letter and obtain an authorisation number prior to ringing for an appointment.  Dr Anne Ward is recognised as a provider by all leading Health Insurers.  

Please contact the Private Patient Team at Rowley Hospital on 01785 238643 to arrange a Dermatology Consultation.  The Team keep the diary and will be able to let you know the date of the next available appointment.  Alternatively, you can enquire on-line by clicking on this link:

Unfortunately, we are not able to book appointments for a Dermatology Consultation at Rowley Hospital through this website, as we do not have access to the appointment system.

Consultation Fees

A Dermatology Consultation with Dr Anne Ward costs £195 and includes an examination of the skin and a discussion about possible treatment options.  Following the Consultation, a letter is sent to your GP detailing the Treatment Plan. If required, a private prescription can be provided as part of the Consultation Fee. 


Blood Tests, Patch Tests, Cryotherapy, Skin Biopsies and Skin Surgery are available at Rowley Hospital and are charged according to the relevant Hospital Fees.  

Contact Details

Dermatology Clinic - Private Patient Team

Rowley Hospital

Stafford ST17 9AQ

Tel:  01785 238643

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