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Winner of the most innovative treatment at the Aesthetic Awards in 2016, Profhilo is a highly concentrated injectable Hyaluronic Acid which differs from traditional Dermal Fillers.  Profhilo works by stimulating the skin’s own collagen, so it takes several weeks before an improvement is noticed.  After the first treatment the skin feels well hydrated, dewy and plump.  The skin looks and feels softer, with a brighter, fresher complexion.  Profhilo should be repeated after 4 weeks to give the best results.  The lifting and tightening effect starts a few weeks after the second treatment, with the skin feeling firmer compared to before.


Profhilo is a treatment that helps to smooth out fine lines, improves skin texture and deeply hydrates the skin.  Typically, the effects last around 6 months, when treatment can be repeated. Profhilo is not a replacement for a Dermal Filler - it is the "icing on the cake" giving a smoother texture and healthy glow to the skin.

Profhilo is most often used to treat and hydrate the face and neck.  Alternative uses include treating the back of the hands and lower forearms to smooth and deeply moisturise the skin.  For some people, Profhilo may help to reduce easy bruising on the forearms.

Treatment with Profhilo takes about 30 minutes. It is relatively painless, with 10 superficial injections in to the skin of the face or the neck.  We use anaesthetic cream at Stafford Skincare prior to the procedure.  After the treatment there are raised small blebs which take about 24 hours to flatten out.   Possible side effects include the occasional bruise.  It would be very rare to develop inflammatory nodules or infection.  Aftercare advice includes avoiding makeup, strenuous exercise or excessive alcohol for 24 hours, and restricting sun exposure for several weeks to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation.  Most people only need 2 treatments with Profhilo spaced 4 weeks apart to notice a difference in the appearance and texture of the skin.  Older people, or people with more sun-damaged skin may require 3 treatments.

Profhilo should be avoided in pregnancy or breast feeding.  It is not advised if people are immunocompromised through illness or medication.  Aesthetic treatments are only available for people aged 18 years and older.

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