30 minutes  I  £300 for one treatment  I  £550 for 2 treatments

Profhilo front face view
Profhilo front face view

Improvement in skin laxity and appearance after 2 treatments with Profhilo

Profhilo side view
Profhilo side view

Improvement in lines and skin sagging on the cheek and along the jawline with Profhilo

Profhilo results side face
Profhilo results side face

Profhilo hydrates skin and makes it look firmer

Profhilo front face view
Profhilo front face view

Improvement in skin laxity and appearance after 2 treatments with Profhilo


Winner of the most innovative treatment at the Aesthetic Awards in 2016, Profhilo is a highly concentrated injectable Hyaluronic Acid which differs from traditional dermal fillers. Profhilo works by stimulating the skin’s own collagen, so it takes several weeks before an improvement is noticed. After the first treatment the skin feels well hydrated, dewy and plump. The skin looks and feels softer, with a brighter, fresher complexion. Profhilo should be repeated after 4 weeks to give the best results. The lifting and tightening effect starts a few weeks after the second treatment, with the skin feeling firmer compared to before.


Profhilo is a treatment that helps to smooth out fine lines, improves skin texture and deeply hydrates the skin. Typically, the effects last around 6 months, when treatment can be repeated. Profhilo is not a replacement for a dermal filler - it is the "icing on the cake" giving a smoother texture and healthy glow to the skin.

Profhilo is most often used to treat and hydrate the face and neck. Alternative uses include treating the back of the hands and lower forearms to smooth and deeply moisturise the skin.

What to expect - profhilo

procedure time

30 minutes

how long before the effects are seen

By 4 weeks, the skin is beginning to feel hydrated and softer. By 8 weeks, the skin looks fresher, dewy and more youthful. The skin feels firmer 

duration of the results

The benefits last for about 6 months when the treatment can be repeated

after care advice

Avoid applying make-up, excessive alcohol and strenuous exercise for 24 hours, and restrict sun-exposure for one week

possible side effects

Occasional small bruises and lumps which settle within a few days

number of treatments

The best results are achieved by 2 treatments, 4 weeks apart

anaesthetic required

Anaesthetic cream is not usually necessary, as the treatment is relatively painless


Profhilo costs £300 for the first treatment, and £250 for repeat treatments


Pregnancy & breast feeding. Anyone who is immunocompromised through illness or medications. These will be discussed with you at the first visit